Hi, I am Sijmen and this is my ATARI homepage.

I have my 800 XL for about 30 years now, and still enjoy playing it and making hardware for it,
like the MYIDE interface, which I have worked on now for over 13 years.

Also we (my wife and I) collect all Atari-made items. You can see that on the collection-pages, and
we often game on the XL (favorite: MULE), Lynx (California Games), 2600 (Dragster) or Jaguar (Super Burnout).

The Atari videocabinets, jukebox and pinballs we have were all non-working when we bought them.
I have some knowledge of electronics, and repaired them all with the help of the internet, schematics and some help of others.

Hope you`ll enjoy my homepage!

Feel free to email me with comments or questions:  mr-atari at mr-atari.com ( replace at by @ )



Mr. Atari on Inside Gamer (internet)

February 2012
Inside Gamer asked us to contribute to the collectors pages.
Mr. Atari on Dutch TV
very short :-)

October 2007
'Van Pong Tot Playstation'
On the fair in Maarssen was Dutch National TV programm "Hart van Nederland' present
to do a coverage of this hobby day.
In the very first shot you`ll see me with Ron from the Commodore Club playing Atari Pong.
See this link. (YouTube).
Mr. Atari in Digital Movie Magazine

March 2007
On the fair in Maarssen (October 2006) there was someone
filming during the day, and another man taking pictures of him.
We didn`t know what that was for, but now we do! It was for
the magazin 'Digital Movie' edition March 2007.
I am on the right page at the bottom and a small picture at the top.

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Thanks to HCC Commodore for the scan!
Mr. & Mrs. Atari on the NET

We met Patrick, the editor of this online community/forum/magazine,
a few years ago when he sold his Jaguar and Lynx collection to us.

Now he wanted to do this interview with us so we could tell about our hobby.

 Interview Gamevillage with us!
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Mr. Atari meets Mr. Atari !


I have met the former Sales Manager from Atari Benelux.
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Mr. & Mrs. Atari on the NET


Me and Mrs. A visited Patrick at home, the Editorial Office of

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Mr. & Mrs. Atari on Dutch TV

We were asked to tell about our Atari hobby / collection by a Dutch Gaming-program, so we did! 

Onsite recording (4 hours!): 9 April 2004
Broadcast date (4 1/2 minutes) 9 May 2004

See it: 

Text in English: 
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Interview for ILife

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