Dutch Books:

Adventures! 3 spannende... XL/XE, Hal Renko, isbn 90-6789-014-6, 124 pag.all sorts of creatures drawn on front
Afmattende spelen voor uw Atari 600XL/800XL, Hal Renko, isbn 90-6789-006-5, 158 pag., purple w. drawing
Atari 600/800XL leren programmeren Oranje, Muiderkring, isbn 90 6082 257 9, 71 pag.
Atari 600XL/800XL Praktische tips, programma`s, basic, Albert Sticker, groen, Kluwer, isbn 90 201 1763 7
ATARI 60.000 stratenboek T.T, Belgian street maps
Atari TT Gebruikershandleiding white with tt on cover
Atari Peeks en Pokes Yellow, Data Becker, Atari bibliotheek 1
Basic-Programma`s 600XL/800XL Peter Goode, Kluwer, isbn 90-201-1836-6, cards+dragon etc. on front, 128 pag.
Basic Successen xl/xe blue/yellow/green front, Addison-Wesley, isbn 90-6789-061-8, 120 pag.
Dr. Flippo`s Wondergids ontwerpen / programmeren eigen arcadespellen isbn 90-6789-015-4, 251 pag.
Escape - Stichting Atari Gebruikers, nr. 2 Grey book thin
Het ATARI-XL Software Boek O. Simone, blue book, Terminal, programmaverzameling voor de ATARI XL gebruiker
Het geheim v.d. drie Burchten 'Avonturenspel 600xl/800xl/130xe'Kluwer,  Black w. drawing of the game. 
Het XL/XE computerspelen boek Addison-Wesley, Tim Hartnell, dark w.snake/ game/gun/treasure on front, 90-6789-047-2
Ik en mijn Atari Wolters-Noordhoff, An Walgreen, Blue, isbn 9001-41940-2, 1984, bieb, 79 pag. (2 versies / nw. is beter dan foto)
Logisch Logo Auke Sikma, incl. disk.
Machinetaal voor Atari XL/XE Computers Purple, Kluwer, Roelf Sluman, isbn 90-201-2003-4
Op Safari door de Atari Yellow w. logo in colours, Wichert van Engelen, isbn 90-70556-19-7
Praktische Gids 600XL/800XL Sybex, black w. 'genie coming out of  a 800' blackadar, isbn 3-88745-109-0224 pag. 
Programmeren met Atari-Basic Kluwer, Bill Carris, 800xl on front + World/spaceship, isbn 90-201-1726-2, 183 pag.
Strategische Spellen voor de Atari John White / Kluwer - 120 pag. - chessboard on cover

English Books:

101 Atari programming tips & tricks Alan North, white w. yellow/green/red/blue squares, ISBN 0-86668-022-5, Arcsoft Publ., 128 pag.
101 programming surprises & tricks Lion jumping out of 800,, David L. Heiserman, isbn 0-8306-5062-8 
Advanced Atari Basic Tutorial Ringband - Robert A. Peck - Sams ISBN 0-672-22067-9
Advanced Programming Techniques for your Atari incl. graph... Linda M. Schreibertv with take duck for wheat + 800 + drive
Atari Brand White square book in German/English for Atari`s 35 anniversary. Gift from Oliver Knagge! :-)
Atari 130 XE Handbook Lupton&Robinson, red/black, isbn 0-7126-9705-5, 246 pages
Atari 600XL and beyond A guide for adventurous programmers, brown/beige front, isbn 0-905104-29-3,148 pag.
Atari 800 XL practical guide Blackadder, Sybex, red w. 'genie' & XL, isbn 0-89588-259-0, 198+ pag.
Atari Adventures Tony Bridge, guide to playing/writing adv., blue front w. woman in sea, Sunshine, isbn 0-946408-18-1, 146 pag.
Atari Age magazines, complete series Atari Age magazines, complete series
Atari Basic atari 400/800 on front, isbn 0471 06496-3Bob Albrecht, Leroy Finkel, Jerald R. Brown
Atari Basic - faster and Better Carl M. Evans, atari information series - volume 1 - blue/white cover - A4 - 299 pag.
Atari Basic learning by using Thomas E. Rowley, w. disk, green/red/dark  w. robots, hofacker, 70 pag. 0-936200-35-9 
Atari Basic Tutorial Sams - Robert A. Peck - ISBN: 0-672-22066-0 - white + disk on front
Atari Basic XL Edition Silver with 2x xl/datarecorder/diskdrive on pictures, STG, isbn 0-471-80726-5
Atari Book of Games Mike James..,black w. rainbowlogo +space- invaders, Granada, 0-246-12277-3, 156 pag. 
Atari Computer Program Writing Workbook Alan North, purple cover ISBN-0-86668-814-5 ARCsoft
Atari Flashback The Essential Companion 239 pages
Atari Logo in the Classroom, a teacher's manual Donna Bearden, 0-8359-0121-1, 114 pag.
Atari Pilot For Beginners Jim Conlan / Tracy Deliman with Dymax 0-8359-0301-X - 229 pag.
Atari Player-missile graphics in Basic Philip C. Seyer 0-8359-0112-2 black ringband / pink/blue/black on cover
Atari Programming with 55 programs Linda M. Schreiber, blue w. 800 on front
Atari Roots A guide to Atari Assembly Lang., M. Andrews, Datamost, isbn 0-88190-171-7, blue head w. atari growing of it. 
Atari Safari 25 Programs for less than $1,60 per program - brown/white cover
Atari Software 1984 Addison-Wesley book of..., Blue sky isbn 0-201-16454-x 429 pages A4
Atari Software 1985 Addison-Wesley book of..., Blue sky isbn 0-201-12019-4 401 pages A4
Atari sound and graphics ' A self-teaching guide' Dark-blue, with graphic.  isbn 0471-09593-1
Atari XL Graphics Handbook - The Richard Hawes - Century Communications - orange cover - ISBN 0 7126 0500 2
Basic Atari Basic for the 400, 800, and XL computers James S. Coan & Richard Kushner - Hayden - black cover with text - ISBN 0-8104-6526-4
Basic exercises for the Atari J.P. Lamoitier, sybex, 0-89588-101-2, 251 pag.
Basic Programs f.t. Atari 600xl&800xl Tmothy Orr Knight, yellow w. 800xl on front, isbn 0-8306-1726-4, Tab books, 120 pag.
Compute`s  First Book of Atari Games Yellow, 232 pag., fifteen games for Atari computers ISBN 0-942386-14-0 Gift from Erik Toevank! :-)
Compute`s Atari Collection vol. 1 Blue, 255 pag., 30 original programs for the Atari
Compute`s Atari Collection vol. 2 Red, 229 pag., more than two dozen never-before-published games, applications...
Compute`s First Book of Atari Graphics white w. rainbow-square and compu-graphics, isbn 0-942386-08-6, 248 pag., ring
Compute`s First Book of Atari Blue, w. yellow logo, isbn 0-942386-00-0, 183 pag., half ring
Compute`s Third Book of Atari Green w. white txt, isbn 0-942386-18-3, 308 pag., ring
Compute`s Second Book Atari Red, w. yellow logo, isbn0-942386-06-X, 250 pag., ring
Compute`s Second Book of Atari Graphics blue with colored logo, 220 pag.
Computer Animation Primer David Fox and Mitchell Waite - under: Atari Basic and Machine Language anim. ex.
Computer Tutor: ATARI Black cover, Home Computer Edition - A4, 345 pag.
De RE-ATARI Shrinkwrapped, b/w , A guide to effective programming 400/800 home computer
Design from you mind with atari graphics Tom Rowley, 0-8359-1276-0, 226 pag.
Dr. Wacko`s Miracle Guide isbn 0-201-11488-7, 235 pag.
Easy Guide to your Atari 600xl/800xl Sybex, Thomas Blackadar, red, isbn 0-89588-125-x, 198 pages
Easy Programming - Atari Micros Shiva`s friendly micro series, Eric Deeson, Red w. 800xl, isbn 1-85014-022-7, 216 pag.
Exploring Adventures on the Atari 48K Red, desert-cover with XL on stone, 246 pag.
Forth on the Atari learning by using, E. Floegel, blue front w. man/woman, Bitfire, 118 pag. isbn 3-88963-170-3
Games for the Atari S. Roberts, hofacker, inside: isbn 3-911682-84-3, 115 pages
Games for your Atari L. Brown, Virgin, isbn 0 907080 90 1, 125 pag.
Games for your Atari 600 XL Gary Ryan, Virgin, brown/graphics isbn 0 86369 037 8, UK, 128 pages
Get More from The Atari Ian Sinclair, black, 400/800 on front+fuji, Granada Publ. 0-246-12149-1 GB, 148 pag.
Get more from the Atari same as above, but red with 600/800 XL on cover
Getting Started on your Atari Tim Hartnell and Paul Bunn ISBN 0-7088-2446-3
Getting Started w.t. Atari 600 XL Peter Goode, orange w.yellow logo, isbn 0-9465-7614-9, 141 pages
Hackerbook for your Atari computer HC Wagner, palmtrees/dinosaurs out of computer, Bitfire isbn 3-88963-172-X
How to program your Atari in 6502 machinelanguage Pruple book, Sam D. Roberts ( body in sea with head in it and next to it)hofacker isbn 3-92-1682-97-5
Inside Atari Basic a fast, fun, and friendly approach Bill Carris - 0-8359-3082-3 - 400+800 on cover with man coming out og Atari 800
Inside Atari Basic Grey, Bill Carris, fast fun and friendly approach, rev. A 0-8359-3081-5, 183 pag.
Inside Atari Dos 120 pages, rings, $19.95, editors of Compute, Inside: isbn 0-942386-02-7, 1982
Learning to use the Atari 400/800 Susan Fry, drawn front, isbn 0-566-03498-0 England 118 pages
Logo Logo Works, challenging programs in logo
Mapping the Atari Compute, Ian Chadwick, 0-942386-09-4, 194 pag.
Mapping the Atari Rev. Ed. Now incl. Atari XL and XE Computers, Compute books publ., isbn 0-87455-004-1
Master Memory Map ft Atari Island drawn on front, Craig Ptchett, 359 pag., isbn 0-8359-4242-2, Reston
Player Missile Graphics in Basic Philip C. Seyer, ring, 0-8359-0112-2, 171 pag.
Program Descriptions 1 PD For Hofacker Software for your Atari Computer - 116 pag.
Programmer`s Reference Guide for the Atarti 400/800 computers Sams - David Heiserman white ringband - ISBN:0-672-22277-9 - white + disk on front
Programming Descriptions 1 For Hofacker Software/atari computer Dark, with drawing of head/hand falling apart, building and alien in blue Hofacker
Programming your Atari Computer Mark Thompson isbn 0-8306-1453-2, Tab books, 272 pages, 800 drawn on front, + blue/grey stripes
Racing The Beam - The Atari Video Game System Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost / platform studies
Sixty Programs 400/600XL/800 Black, blue/yellow, 0-330-28481-9, 208 pag.
The Atari 600 XL Program Book Peter Goode, graphic-city/spaceship, isbn 0-9465-7611-4, 160 pag.
The Atari BASIC Source Book Compute! brown book ring
The Atari Book Black, txt white/red Pricebusters, 24 pages
The Atari Book 40th Anniversary Special - From the makers of RetroGamer
The Atari Homebrew Companion Deluxe 1 Brian Matherne
The Atari Homebrew Companion Deluxe 2 Brian Matherne
The Creative Atari David Small... 243 pages, sculpture on front. isbn 0-916688-34-8
The Micro Enquirer Atari XL Century Communications - Computer Answers / green book A4
The user`s guide to Atari 400-800-1200xl computers, software... By the editors of Consumer Guide
Turbo Basic XL 1.5 manual Red, Wil Braakman.
Understanding Atari Graphics Small book, an Alfred Handy Guide, incl. GTIA gr., atari800 + 'genie' drawn on front isbn 0-88284-224-2, 48 pag.
User`s guide to Atari 400.800.1200xl Consumer Guide Editors, 800 on front +tv, 0-517-41448-1, 80 pages
Writing strategy games on your Atari computer John White ISBN 0.946408.22 X
Your Atari Computer A Guide to Atari 400/800 personal computers. incl. new XL series, Purple, Osborne/mcGraw-Hill. 0-931988-65-9
ZAP! the rise and Fall of Atari Scott Cohen, purple, isbn 0-7388-6883-3

German Books:

Abbuc Turbo Basic XL 1.5 Handbuch 1991 Abbuc
Adventures und wie man sie auf dem Atari 600xl/800xl programmiert Data Becker Walkowiak ISBN 3-89011-059-2
Atari Basic Spielend Lernen Thomas E. Rowley - Topp ISBN 3-7724-5401-1 nr. 401
Atari Club Magazines 4/84 / 2/83 3/84 -  German club magazines
Atari Basic Handbuch fur Selbststudium und Praxis Heaven/earth with Spaceship&atari xl Bob Albrecht etc. hofacker, isbn 3-921682-32-0
Atari 130xe/600xl/800xl Für Einsteiger Data Becker Szczepanowski ISBN 3-89011-033-9
Atari 600xl/800xl Intern Data Becker, Eichler/Grohmann, red/white, isbn 3-89011-053-3
Atari 1029 programmable printer Yellow book, 1984 Japan, Rev. A, C025907-001, 50 pag.
Atari 600xl/800xl für Einsteiger Szcezepanowski Data Becker ISBN 3-89011-033-9 ?
Atari Messe - Ausstellerverzeichnis Sept. 1988 Düsseldorf
Atari Programm-Sammlung Sybex - S.R. Trost ISBN 3-88745-068-X
Atari Software- und trainingsbuch Startexter Sybex - white w. pink, Fur 400/800/600xl/800xl/130xe 122 pag.
Atari XL/XE Tips&tricks Data Becker, Clausdorff-dittrich, red/white, isbn 3-89011-111-4, 260 pag.
Basic Referenzkarten Grey w. 4 graphics on front
Basic Trainingsbuch 600XL/800XL Voss, Data Becker, isbn 3-89011-057-6, 383 pag., red/white
Das Atari Buch Band 1 (Happy Computer) Hans Lorenz Schneider/Rudolf Bichler, green with 800XL on front
Das Atari Profibuch Sybex - Julian Reschke / Andreas Wiethoff ISBN 3-88745-605-x
Das Atari XE Handbuch White with black txt. - 98 pag.
Das Atari-XL-Programmierhandbuch Markt & Technik - 2. unveränderte Auflage - Linda M. Schreiber - ISBN 3-89090-417-3
Das Basic-trainingsbuch zu Atari 600xl/800xl Data Becker, Voss, red/white, isbn 3-89011-057-6
Das Compy Shop ATARI Technik Handbuch Abbuc Buch, 2002, blue with atari-lock
Das grosse Buch zum Atari Portfolio Müller Data Becker 4. akt. auflage
Das Schulbuch zu Atari 600/800 XL Data Becker red/white ISBN 3-89011-045-2
De RE-ATARI Alles uber den Atari, white A4
Der Assembler Don Inman/Kurt Inman, 800 drawn on front,270 pag., 3-88793-025-8  - 1983
Der ATARI Assembler  - 2. auflage Don Inman / Kurt Inman, 800 drawn on front, 270 pag. 3-88793-025B . auflag 1985
Mein Atari Computer Der Schlussel zum Atari-Privatcomputer, Neue Versionen 600xl/800xl anthalten.isbn 3-921803-18-7
Peeks & Pokes zu Atari 600xl/800xl Data Becker, red/white, Koch, isbn 3-89011-082-7
Speedy 1050 Yellow, Anwenderhandbuch, Compyshop, A4
Speedy 1050 Mini speedy (copy) Klaus Peters, 17 seiten
Spiel und Spass mit dem Atari Computer Persönlich Kohl/Kahn/Lindsay/Cleland ISBN 3-89090-002-X - turtle on front + 800Xl
Spiele für den Atari Happy Computer - Datamost - Hal Glicksman / Kent Simon - ISBN 3-89090-051-8
Spiele für Ihren Atari Hueber Software Taschenbuch - ISBN 3-19-008217-0
Spielen, lernen. arbeiten mit dem Atari Sybex Raabe/Schmidt ISBN 3-88745-082-5 black with 800 magic stick on front
Start mit Atari-Basic Hettinger / Heinz - Mein Home Computer - Vogel Buchverlag Würzburg - ISBN 3-8023-0827-1
Strategiespiele und wie man auf... Data Becker, Schneider, isbn 3-89011-077-0, 181 pag., red/white
Utilities in Basic für Atari-Computer Alfred Görgens - Mein Home-Computer - ISBN 3-8023-0854-9
Was der Atari alles kann - Band 1 Alma Peschetz / Johann Peschetz - Mein Home-Computer - ISBN 3-8023-0795-X
Was der Atari alles kann - Band 2 Alma Peschetz / Johann Peschetz - Mein Home-Computer - ISBN 3-8023-0796-8

French Books:

La Découverte de L'Atari 400,800,600xl,800xl Daniel-Jean David P.S.I. ISBN 2-86595-081-6 - 167 pag.

ATARI Manuals:

Atari 600 XL Field Service Manual FD100610 rev. 1 october 1983
Atari 800 XL Field Service Manual FD100740 rev. 02 june 1985
Atari 130 XE Reference Manual Jun 1985
Atari 1200 XL Operating System Manual Supplement to ATARI 400/800 Technical reference Notes, C024515-001 Rev. A
Atari 1010 Cassette Recorder Field Service Manual Sept. 1983, FD 100223 Rev. 02
Atari 410 Program Cassette Recorder Field Service Manual PAL-UK FD100005 ? May 1982
Atari 1020 Color Printer Field Service Manual FD 100288 Rev. 01 august 1983
Atari 1027 Printer Field Service Manual FD100670 Rev. 01 October 1983
Atari 2600-2600A PAL B/G Field Service Manual FD 100047 Rev. 03, january 1683
Atari Personal Computer System Disk Utilities Listing February 1981 C016558
Atari 850 Interface Module Field Service Manual April 1981, FD 100036
Atari 850 Interface Module Operator`s Manual 1980, CO15953 Rev. 1
Atari 1050 Disk Drive Service Manual Electronic Dimensions
Atari 1050 Disk Drive - An introduction to the Disk Operating System Silver manual, rev. A, 1982, 23 pages
Atari 1050 Disk Drive Disk Operating system II Reference Manual Silver manual 1982 rev. A 100 pages
Stichting Atari Gebruikers SAG Schematics of 600xl/800xl/130xe/1010/1020/1027/1029/1050/850/1064



Atari Force  Comic  (English) no. 1-20 (complete series)
Atari Force Special  (Enlish) No. 1 1986
Atari Force  Comic  (Dutch) no. 1 -10 (complete series)
Atari Force Comic  Omnibus  (Dutch) All 1-10 in 1 book
Atari Force Comic (Small English, came with games) no. 3-4-5 (and one without cover, Berzerk on next page)

Other books: (non-Atari)

Allemaal enen en nullen Ed van Eeden, HCC, 126 pag., april 2002
Announcing: Computer Games TRS-80 White, w. drawing TRS-80&people, for business, school and home, A4
A Pocket handbook for the VIC Peter Gerrard, Danny Doyle, blue jeanspocket isbn 0-7156-1786-9. (looks not so nice anymore)
Arcade Fever The Fan`s Guide to the Golden Age of Video Games, John Sellers, isbn 0-7624-0937-1
Basic Computerspellen Vijftigschild, Moonpatrol ? on front, Kluwer, isbn 90-201-1601-0
Basic, eenvoudig programmeren Een sleutel tot de wereld van de computer, isbn 90-03-98675-4, 39 pag., face w. run/data/input 
Basic en huiscomputers KL Boon, Kluwer, isbn 90 201 1305 4, 152 pag., dif. computers on front
Basic-Programma`s voor bestanden front: menu-sorteren etc. in hand, Kluwer. Rudolf Busch isbn 90-201-1796-3
Basic-Programma`s voor hele gezin Max Voorburg, lane w. keyboardkeys, Kluwer, isbn 90-201-1702-5, 144 pag.
Bill Gates 99 paper Doll Book Chris Alpine,  dress & undress Bill Gates!
Book of Games A4, 51 pages, front looking out of spaceship, alien hands, div. programmes for homecomputers 
Chips Nico Baaijens,' computers, automatisering, robots &wereld v.morgen' fingers w. chip
Computer-Pret, programma`s en spelletjes voo C64, VIC 20... Computergidsen voor de jeugd, Cantecleer, ISBN9021302152
Computers voor iedereen John Wagenaar - Gids voor uw  reis door computerland - Kluwer
Computers, wat moet je ermee? Chriet Titulaer, bruin. 
Computerkunde v. kinderen Systemen, geheugen, processing
Computerkunde v. kinderen Data, chips, programma`s
Computerkunde v. kinderen Database, output, modem
Computerkunde v. kinderen Loops, variabelen, subroutines
Computerkunde v. kinderen Pascal, Pong, Pacman
Computerkunde v. kinderen Menu`s muizen, robots
Computer and video Games - how they work and how to win white background, drawings of consoles, Scholastic Book Clubs
Computers No. 8, schoolguide 1970, 12 pag.
Computers schoolguide, black w. drawn compu, 50+ pag. isbn 90.252.2291.9
Computers AO 81 Small schoolbooks
Computerspiele Knaur, Christa-Maria Sopart, Blue, small isbn 3-426-03727-0
Computertijdperk No. 555, schoolguide1984, 12 pag.
Computerzeit 2, Menschen, Computer & Roboter Computer Verstandlich, W. Rudolph/H. Schatz, Falken Verlag, isbn 3-8068-4502-6
De Alledaagse Computer White cover with yellow txt in black, Kluwer, Dick Overkleeft, 104 pag.
De Computer Uw Vriend Nico Baaijens, Deltas A4, o.a.  Children playing XL on front, & child holding 2600 games. isbn 90-243-3051-3 
De Huiscomputer, hoe hij werkt en wat hij kan Computergidsen voor de jeugd, Cantecleer, ISBN9021302136
De Informatiemaatschappij Head w. tree growing out w. camera, blueish, 'de gevolgen v.d. micro-elektronische revolutie 
De mens en de Computer C. Titulaer, Elsevier, 126 pag. isbn 90-10-14898-5, A4
Das Electronic Arts Buch + cd Wilfred Lindo, german isbn 3-8155-0098-2
Enter First Level Overgoor/Bakkum, uitg. Ten Brink. Grey with blue print, isbn 90-248-5526-8
Educatieve programma's in BASIC Max Voorburg, Kluwer Software Reeks, 120 pag, isbn 90-201-1884-6
Game On The History and Culture of Videogames, pong on front, yellow/red/orange.Lucien King, Universe
Game On! From Pong To Oblivion JThe 50 Greatest Video Games Of All Time - Simon Byron Ste Curran David McCarthy - yellow/black cover
Games Guide 98/99 Retailspecial no. 1, A4, black w. space-invaders
Handboek Video- & Computer Spellen Orange, 1985 ed. Bruna, A4
Het Computerboek voor iedereen Gene Brown, white w. family of 6 round compu.bestelnr. 44.900.6057.2, C. Titulaer on back.
Het Basic Handboek David A. Lien, encyclopedie v.d. computertaal basic. brown w. yellow txt.90-201-1703-3
Het beste computerboek voor beginners C64 on front, blue back, Philip Crookall
Het computerboek voor vrouwen Christine Kerler, brown/yellow, isbn 90-03-98950-8 Thieme.190 pag.
Hi-Tech Homes red/b/w stripes w. telephonecord, 1983, isbn 0-946027-501
High-Score! The Iluustrated History of Electronic Games, Rusel Demaria/Johnny L. Wilson, blue w. mario/pacman/laura croft
Huiscomputers - wat kun je ermee? - Een inleiding voor beginners De Matrix-groep
Innovatie IBM, small book, 224 pag.
Jaarboekje Computer 85 Commodore/Sinclair/Atari D. Scheper, de Mulderkring, red small book
Joystick Nation J.C. Herz230 pag.
Junior Computer 'Volwasen computer voor beginners' no. 1,isbn 90-70160-15-3 ' Elektuur, 160 pag.
Koopgids Videospellen 83/84, green, bruna, A. Verhulst
Kijk, Automatisering J. van Oorschot, A4, white w. drawings,  over mensen, computers en de vooruitgang. 
Logo Works Challenging programs in Logo, A4, A Byte Boo, isbn 0-07-042425-Xk
Meneer Computer Jaap tuinman, AO reeks, Yellow
Micro Computer Gids 3e editie, Leidraad bij keuze. Kluwer, isbn 90-201-1663-9
Microcomputer naast bord en krijt AO 81, schoolbook, yellow
Micro, vertrouwd worden met de... Wat hij doet, wat hij kan. Verstandig kiezen. White w. drawing of compu&tv/spaceinvaders
Multi-Media Het complete gebruiksvriendelijke handboek voor...ImageBooks Eindhoven, A4
Official Videogame&pinball World Rec. Twin Galaxies, blue w. stars, yellow txt.isbn 1-887472-25-8, 936 pag.
Phoenix the fall & rise of videogames Third edition, blue w. atari/PS2/gameboy, Leonard Herman, A4, 324 pag. & appendix
Retro Gaming - A Byte-Sized History Of Video Games Mike Diver (signed) ISBN 978-1-912785-10-0
Space Invaders Annual 1983 SBN723566593
Speel Video Frank Webb/Leon Vie, white w.  missile command,speltips voor 24 videospelletjes/7 automatenspellen/7 computerspellen 9026911963
Supercade A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984, van Burnham
The Computer - An illustrated history from its origins to the present day Mark Frauenfelder - cover:Steve Jobs/Apple - ISBN 978-1-78097-184-1
The Computer Book BBC Black with man looking at negatives, .208 pages
The Ultimate History of video Games Steven L. Kent, The story behind the craze that touched our lives and changed the world
Thuiscomputers Luc Sala, uitg. Bert Bakker, Green, 156 pag.
Van Start met Basic Brian Starfire, Kluwer, Dark w. stars, 110 pg. compu&monitor  new/list/run etc.90-201-1761-0
Videogames, a complete guide Len Buckwalter, white w. two people playing pong. isbn 0-441-86324-8, small book 
Videogaming Pocket essential games, H. Flatley/M. French, 96 pag., isbn 1-904048-20-X (new/old games))
Videogaming, rough guide to... Berens/Howard. Blue w. tv w. gamers
Video Spelletjes Electronic games, Ned., black front
Wargames David Bischoff, dutch, film-editie isbn 90-245-0867-3
Werkeloosheid door automatisering AO book 1113, schoolbook
Zakboekje 6502 Doppenberg, Kluwer with drawing of chip.isbn 90-201-17300
Zakboekje 6502 Bob Bright, Delfia Press bv, grey isbn 906449-0287


Technical books:


6502 Applications Rodnay Zaks - Sybex
6502 Assembly Language Programming Black, 2nd edit. 65C02 Lance A. Leventhal, isbn 0-07-881216-X
6502, Programmeren van de Blue m. chip, Sybex, Rodney Zaks, isbn 3-88745-101-5
6502, Advanced Programming Blue/purple, w. ones/zeros, Sybex, R. Zaks, isbn 0-89588-089-X
6502, Machinetaal Subroutines white/blueish, drawn compu, McGraw/Hill, Leventhal/Saville, 559 pg. dutch,  3-89028-036-6
6502, Assembleertaal en machinecode ...voor beginners, Stephenson, 206 pag,  isbn 90-6233-123-8
Basic, een programmeertaal White w. background txt in blue, R. Davids, 148 pag., isbn 901192150X
Datasheetboek1 2e, herziene editie, Elektuur
Datasheetboek 2 2e herziene editie, hans Steeman, Elektuurisbn 90-5381-002-1
Datasheetboek 3 Application notes, P. Hogenboom, Elektuur isbn 90-70160-65-X
Datasheetboek 4 Nieuwe application notes, P. Hogenboom, Elektuur, isbn 90-5381-008-0 
Digitale Techniek Dirksen, Muiderkring, green isbn 90-6082-266-8
Elektronica zelf ontwerpen en bouwen Black w. electronics, Kluwer, Jongbloed
Forth, een praktische introductie L. Brodie, Kluwer, isbn 90-6215-116-7235 pag.
Giant handbook of Computer Projects by editors of '73 magazine' yellow w. green board, 503 pag., isbn 0-8306-1169-X
Het Microprocessor Databook P. Hogenboom, elektuur. isbn 90-70160-52-8
Illustrating Basic A simple programming language, Donald Alcock, yellow book
Logisch Logo Turtle, Auke Sikma, isbn 90-6233-203-X, 229 pg. incl. disk.
Machine Language for Beginners Brwon w. yellow txt, R. Mansfield, isbn 0-942386-11-6, 350 pag.
Pilot 1 page pocket reference card
Timekeeping & NV SRAM data book Dallas Semiconductor, 1032 pag.
green/black with sand-hour-glass
Werken met VisiCalc White cover with green drawing, orange txt, Academic Service, C.Klitzner/M. Plociak Jr. - 270 pag.


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