MyIDE for 800


Modified the layout. Now it works with all drives!

I have made only one prototype for a very good friend in the USA. He gave me a NTSC-jaguar, Atari 800 (48k),
Atari 410 and Atari 810 for in return.
I'm sure we are both very happy with it. Below you can see a picture of the cartidge I have build.
Knowingly that this is going to be a very rare collectors-item someday ;-)

To build it your own, you need the schematics. I'm very sorry, but I don't have a list of instructions of how to rebuild your OS-board. Best is to remove the 2 left rom-chips and drill four holes above the far left to make room for a 28pins socket for the EPROM. Use the empty space to solder the needed wires (D0-D7, A0,A2). Then make the interface on a small print and glue it face down onto the board like I did (see pics below). For the OS you need a EPROM-burner. The single OS is 8k, the dual OS is 16k. Please remember that you must leave the math-rom on the board !

Here are the schematics: OS800Clu-layout
If you made a single-OS:
OS800Clu (2764)
You made the dual-OS:
OS800Clu+OS-B (27128)

Modifications to hardware:

  • Modify ROM-board to hold 28 pin EPROM
  • Modify ROM-board to hold a dual OS (OS800Clu and OS-B)
  • Modify ROM-board to hold a internal MyIDE-interface

OS800Clu first release:
(I removed all: Cassette-drivers & attractmode to make room for MyIDE-code)

Utility disk (fdisk etc)

  • Fully compatible with XL/XE an OS-A.
  • Extra graphicmodes 12 through 15 (used on XL/XE)
  • Boot from next drive if it fails (D1: through D8:)
  • Perform POWERUP when SELECT is pressed during RESET
  • Boot a disk-image from harddrive when START is pressed on POWERUP.
  • During 'image-boot'
    -Move joystick (port 1) up/down to select image
    -Press fire to boot it
    When booted:
    -Press SHIFT-CONTROL-1 for disk A. any other number for side X
    (images have to be copied to harddisk in sequence)

Some nice pictures:

  • A screenshot of the image load-routine. Disk $0045 is being booted.

  • ROM-board modified to hold a dual-OS, 28 pins EPROM. Overview of parts.
  • Building the MyIDE on a little PCB that would fit onto the removed
    Eprom or the Yellow QC-sticker. Meet Mr.Atari :-)
  • Picture of the finished ROM-board with MyIDE.
  • A nice shot of the opened system during debugging-fase.