Following many requests, here is my 'New in my collection' page !


Very nice Atari MEGA ST2 (4mb) + HDD and software.
(Thanks to Edward Visse)


Atari pac-man big-box 400/800 (Thanks to Oliver Knagge)  

Collection of 5 books (Thanks to Erik Toevank)





Sew on Atari Realsports Volleyball (Thanks to Eric Boghos)



8K Memory boxed (Thanks to Curt Vendel)



Voice Master





Jaguar manual japan



Club Atari pin





(Promo) material from former Atari Germany Sales Director

Lothar Reitze






(Promo) material from former Atari Germany Sales Director

Lothar Reitze






Sears Telegames Heavy Sixer Boxed





Stunt Cycle PAL !!

Very rare to find in Pal version




3x calculator

1x gift (middle)



From former employee, 8 bath towels - enough to
last a lifetime :-)

and keep a few sealed for the collection of course



From the retrofair in Deurne,

traded, received as gift, or bought.

it`s so nice that people take things

with them for us because it`s Atari!!

On the right is an Arcade boxed,

on the left a binder with letters, schematics etc.


Atari Brand book for Atari`s 35th anniversary.

Extremely nice book about the past, present and future.


Gift from Oliver Knagge :-)


Original 80`s posters.
Very good condition and great addition to
my collection! :-)



400 / 800 (NTSC) 410 / Party Quiz (yes, buzzers for the 800!) joysticks and vinyl cover, all from the USA
Coca Cola can 80`s
Atari Age - all magazines, complete.
Close-up of the Heavy Sixer.


09-09-2012: Fair Deurne

 Heavy Sixer pal!!!
 Homevision Repro Cart (Parachute on it)
 2600 Dark Cavern game
 Some books/Videopac game.


29-08-2012: Tron sealed game & Tron joystick

(gift from Bonami Spelcomputer Museum - Naomi & John, thanks!!!)

28-05-2012: (birthday)

-Play Me button
-Game Token Atari logo
-Tempest pin
-5x button games 80`s
Retrofair Germany - all trades
- all Atari Age magazines
- Cassettes
- Asterix 7800 Bochum Edition
- Disks
- Cartridges
- Stickers
- Pins
- 1200 XL


65 XE from Currys UK (bought on Ebay)
Sales/Promo stand, Atari Benelux (used to display the matrix game)

Gift from Atari Benelux :-)

Now converted with a atari 2600; 6 switch woody with my AV-mod and Harmony cartridge.

Atari Falcon 030
Gift From Marcel Riepe.
Atari 2800 system, loose with PSU and 2 controllers
Battlesphere gold (Jaguar)
Mad Bodies (Jaguar)
Atari Flashback 2+